What Is the Machiavellian Character?


The Machiavellian character is one who uses unscrupulous and unethical methods to attain what they desire. Plotting, scheming, and cunning are all associated with the Machiavellian character. The term was coined by Italian writer Niccolò Machiavelli's work The Prince in 1532.
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A Machiavellian villain is a character portrayed in literature who is in a sense a "puppet master" He uses other "tool villains" in order to get what he desires.
Machiavellianism:1:the political doctrine of Machiavelli: any means (however unscrupulous)
In a story, a flat character is a minor character who does not show any type of growth or change by the end of the story. For example, a flat character might be a store owner who
In "The Prince" Niccolo Machiavelli defined the principal political virtue as the use of political power to maintain and enhance political power. He then goes on to advocate
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A Machiavellian character is somebody who aims at achieving goals via unscrupulous methods. The person is very cunning and deceptive in all his/her deeds. The term is mainly used to describe politicians who use cunning methods to get more votes.
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Machiavellian Villain is a character that is portrayed in literature as a puppet master who uses tool villains to get what his heart desires and always operates ...
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