What Is the Main Job of a Leaf Mesophyll Cell?


The main function of the mesophyll in a leaf is to facilitate and carry out photosynthesis; these cells all have chloroplasts and organelles responsible for photosynthesis. A plant's mesophyll also stores nutrients and energy before they are transmitted via the veins in the leaf to other parts of plant where they are needed.
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To carry out photosynthesis as the cells contain chloroplasts and the organelles perform photosynthesis. It has a waxy cuticle which is impermeable to water, so the water passes out
Palisade cells are a type of leaf tissues and can be found within the mesophyll in leaves of dicotyledonous plants. They contain chloroplasts, which convert the energy stored in photons
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Depends. If you're a chemist you'd say the main job of cells was to "fight equilibrium". If you're a cell biologist you'd freak out and exclaim that there are SO many different
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The main function of a mesophyll found in a leaf is that it’s responsible for making up the plant life as we know it. It does this by providing an area where the plant photosynthesis can take place and absorb carbon dioxide. A plant's mesophyll is also responsible for storing energy and nutrients until they can be transmitted to the veins in the leaf and sent elsewhere in the plant where they are needed.
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