Masonic Handshake?


The Masonic handshake is a special kind of handshake which is shared between freemasons. It has a special significance and allows free masons to recognise each other. Each Masonic lodge has its special handshake with its unique attributes.
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The Masonic handshake is a special type of handshake shared between freemasons. It has special significance for masons and also allows masons to recognize each other. Even though popular culture makes a great deal out of the secrecy of Masonic handshakes, the Masonic handshakes are not so secret.
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The "Mason Handshake" refers to one of the modes of recognition in Freemasonry, and is considered a secret to Masons. Its purpose is so that one Mason may recognize another
The Masonic secret handshake looks and feels similar to the way a man would shake
It's a regular handshake, except you press your thumb against the base joints between the index finger & middle finger of the man you are shaking hands with.
I don't know if this is a masonic handshake but I was 'kidnapped' by a group of Christians when I was in college and taken to church. When I left the church the religious leader (
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There are so many suggestions on the Masonic secret handshakes on the Internet. Some say that it is the way one would shake a woman's or child's hand. No one really ...
The Masonic secrets include special handshakes, signs, symbols, certain rituals, passwords and secret words only known to the free mason followers. These secrets ...
Freemasons keep many secrets. They will not speak to anyone about their Masonic degrees or secret rituals. Freemasons also have secret handshakes for their various ...
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