What Is the Meaning of 17th Wedding Anniversary?


The meaning of a couple’s 17th wedding anniversary is Amethyst. This symbol is so used because it symbolizes durability just like the relationship. They are also designed to help the couple replace wedding gifts that are worn out. Examples of common gifts for such couples are furniture.
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17th wedding anniversary is the commemoration of 17 years of being married as a couple. People usually spend money on things that will remind them of these anniversaries, and in most cases, furniture is an excellent choice as a 17th wedding anniversary gift.
A wedding anniversary is a celebration of the day on which two people were married. It is generally celebrated after every year on the particular day on which you exchanged your vows before a legal official. A 17th wedding anniversary means that a couple has been together for seventeen years.
The 17th wedding anniversary is a celebration by couples that have been continuously married for 17 years. In western culture this anniversary does not have any traditional symbols attached to it, though a common gift for such an occasion is furniture.
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