Meaning of Bird Flying into House?


According to old wives tales and superstition, when a bird flies into a house it symbolises that the inevitable death of an inhabitant of that house is approaching. The origin of the wives' tale is unknown, but it is fairly widespread.
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It means you need screens on your windows.
Since windows are reflective, and there probably is not a lot inside your home that a bird may find enticing, the general school of thought is that birds see the wide open outside
Old superstition says that it is a bad omen. Or it just means
Old superstition says that it is a bad omen. This usually portends death, illness, and bad luck. Or it just means that you left the door open too long.
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Some people consider it an omen of death when birds fly into a window. It is believed that if a bird flies into a closed window, a close relative will die soon ...
When a bird flies in your house, generally, it is a sign of death according to superstition. If a robin bird flies into a room through a window, death will follow ...
The meaning of a dead bird on a porch may simply be that the bird died after hitting your house. It could have been left there by an animal. There are some superstitions ...
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