What Is the Meaning of a Black Feather?


According to legend, when someone finds a black feather, it means that the guardian of their soul is near them. The feathers are supposed to remind the individual that he or she is not fighting the battles of life alone.
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In modern times some cults use it as a warning or announcing a curse,
Finding several black feathers not far apart is a sign that you will hear of two deaths near by in the future. A large one represents an adult and a small one represents a child.
Feather tattoos are among the more common tattoo designs chosen by body art enthusiasts. A feather tattoo design can have any of a number of meanings, or be a purely aesthetic option-the
Who so ever you are & where so ever you belong to, I can only say that there are things that had been kept out of the reach of the vast majority of the Mankind, these are the
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Black feathers will mean different things to different people depending on mythology such as: mystical insight, union and protection if they have shades of white or deep spirituality if they are mixed with purple. Black feathers can also mean death.
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A pure black feather means that the person who sees it has true mystical wisdom. There are several variations of this based on other attributes of the black feather ...
Superstitious people believe that finding a black feather is a bad omen. This belief is one of the many superstitious ideas that people associate with certain ...
Getting a black eagle feather tattoo can mean many different things to people. On the face it can mean courage, determination and similar attributes. It is a standard ...
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