What does a black heart tattoo mean?


A black heart tattoo symbolizes a sad period in a person's life. This type of tattoo doesn't always mean the same thing for everyone, and it could simply be chosen because it is aesthetically appealing.

The most common reason a person has a black heart tattoo is the death of someone they were close to. A black heart can also be a tattoo symbolizing the end of a relationship or in remembrance of a particularly low point in someone's life.

In recent years, the black heart tattoo has become a popular way to remember the tragic events that happened on Sept. 11, 2001. This time was a sad point in the United States, and many people choose a universally recognized symbol of sadness to remember the way the country suffered on that day.

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Plant Pathology a nonparasitic disease of plants, as of potatoes and various trees, in which internal plant tissues blacken, usually as a result of extremes in temperature.
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