What Is the Meaning of a Cappella?


Cappella is an Italian word that means' in the manner of the church'. It is normally used in English to describe a type of music, solo or group vocal, that is sang without any accompanying instruments. It is a very popular style used in church music.
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A Cappella
Choral music performed without instrumental accompaniment... More »
Cappella were an Italian/English eurodance group which found international success mostly in the early 1990s. The name was first used in the year 1987. The main man behind it was Gianfranco Bortolotti of Media Records.
Cappella is vocal music or singing that is performed without any instruments to accompany the vocals. It can either be performed as a solo or in a group although modern usage has been customized to mean only all vocal group performance. A cappella music originally was, and still often is, used in religious music, especially church music as well as anasheed and zemirot, and in satanic music.
A capella refers to a song, or the act of singing, without instrumental sound. Originally, a capella was used in religious music, more commonly sang in the church. Jewish and Christian music were originally a cappella, and this tradition has existed continuously in both of these religions as well as in Islam.
A capella singing means singing without instrumental accompaniment. It is the act of singing vocal music and it is referred to as folk music. It comprises of a genre of a capella music originating from the black slaves in the U.S. but the origin of the name is Italian.
Capella is singing without instrumental accompaniment. It was first used in Italian Catholic churches, as Latin was the language for sacred text hence its Latin name. Various songs have been produced without the use of instruments.
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The phrase "a cappella" comes from the Italian for "in the style of the chapel. In the past, "a cappella" referred to vocal music, originally church music
It means without accompaniment (instruments) In other words all vocals, no other music.
Definition not found. Did you mean: capella, capsella, caprella ?
"Cappella" is Italian and literally means "chapel" or "choir." "A cappella" means without instrumental accompaniment; a group of singers who
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To my knowledge the amount of instruments in an acappella arrangement is none. Acappella arrangement means to just have voices and no instrument involvement. ...
No instruments are used when a capella is being performed. During an a capella performance, a capella is an Italian phrase and it means 'in the manner of church. ...
A Cappella is a word useful to singing without any supplement. Cappella means chapel in Italian, and therefore it's in the manner of the chantry. Capella has gotten ...
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