What Is the Meaning of a Dragon Tattoo?


In tattoos dragons are normally represented in the form of eastern dragon of oriented styles. Dragon are normally designed in black and drawn in flames and fire. Dragon tattoos represent courage, strength, wisdom, power and force.
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Only the person wearing the tattoo can tell you what it means.
In the Far East, the dragon represents the Four Elements - Earth, Wind, Fire and
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Meanings of dragon tattoos made in west and east are different. In the eastern countries dragon tattoos represents balance. Whereas in the western country dragon tattoos represents a much darker creature or beast.
Dragon tattoos are the most popular forms of Tattoos. They are normally shown in the form of the Eastern dragon type of styles. Dragon tattoos are normally drawn with flames and fires in black colour with white shades.
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In a tattoo with a dragon and a sword, the two most common meanings of the sword are bravery and courage. Some civilizations consider the dragon to be a symbol ...
A dragon tattoo can have many meanings. Some dragon tattoos represent membership in certain gangs. Other dragon tattoos can symbolize power, strength, or fear. ...
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