What Is the Meaning of a Sole Trader?


A sole trader, also known as a sole proprietor, is a form of business enterprise that is run by one person who is responsible for the execution of contracts and for the company's debts with his or her individual wealth.
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Sole proprietor.
Determine the kind of business you want to start As a sole trader, you have to decide the kind of business you are interested in. You have to choose whether you want to go into retail
A sole trader is the most common form of business ownership and the easiest to set up. It means that the business is owned and run by one person - though the business may employ a
Solely means without another. ChaCha for now!
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sole trader
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A sole trader is type of business entity that is owned and run by one individual and in which there is no legal distinction between the owner and the business. The owner usually receives all profits and has unlimited responsibility for all losses and debts, it does not involve paying any registration fees, and keeping records and accounts is straightforward.
Sole trader is a business that is owned by one person. It may have one or more employees. It does not involve paying any registration fees, keeping records and accounts is straightforward, and you get to keep all the profits.
A sole trader is a business owned by a one individual. In the UK, it is the most common form of business ownership. Its advantages include total control, keeping all the profit, cheapness and having private business affairs.
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