What Is the Meaning of a Thumb Ring?


The thumb ring has different meaning, for instance it is used as a status symbol when worn by men. It was also used to imply or to symbolise that the wearer is committed and in a certain relationship.
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A ring with an ornate design. According to the anthropology museum at the University of Missouri, "Early examples of archers' thumb rings have been found in Zhou dynasty (1100
It means your're sexy.
She likes the ring. She buys the ring. The ring is too big. So she wears the ring on her thumb.
A promise ring can have several meanings for different relationships. Promise rings usually mean that you promise to stay with that person, promise to marry that person in the future
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What Is the Meaning of the Thumb Ring?
The thumb ring is deeply rooted in history. It was used by medieval archers for protection from their bows and Chinese military officials to determine rank. Today, it has become more of a fashion statement.... More »
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A thumb ring means exactly what you want it to mean or nothing if you want it to mean that also. There are many meanings put to wearing thumb rings, such as independence, individuality or awareness. I know drummers wear thumb rings because they cannot wear rings on the other fingers while drumming. So go figure.
The meaning of the thumb ring dates back to the Egyptian times when Egyptian women would adorn themselves with beautiful jewelery, the thumb ring was worn to protect the wearer from evil.
The meaning of a thumb ring is thought to be that the wearer is homosexual. This may not be true because many people who are not homosexual enjoy wearing thumb rings as well. The first thumb rings were worn by archers to protect their fingers and thumb.
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In ancient times, women wore thumb rings if their husbands or lovers were in battle fields or were dead. In certain parts of the world, a woman wearing a thumb ...
There is not a universally accepted or understood meaning to wearing a ring on the thumb. Spiritualists, however, assign each finger a name and a significance, ...
Thumb rings are worn by homosexual and wearing a ring in right thumb means that the person is single. ...
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