What Is the Meaning of a Wedding Ring?


The wedding rings shared between brides and grooms on their wedding day, is a symbol of never-ending love. It is worn on the third finger in belief that the vein there runs directly into the heart.
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Jewish weddings rings are usually made of solid uninterrupted gold, but can sometimes be silver or platinum. There must be no holes, spaces or gems in the ring, even for decorative
getting the slice of wedding cake with the ring in it.
I'm not much for luxury goods but I do love my Cartier "trinity" wedding ring. It's probably the second least expensive thing you can get from Cartier (there might be a
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wedding ring
a ring, usually of gold, platinum, or silver, given by one partner to the other during a marriage ceremony.
Source: Dictionary.com
Wedding rings symbolise the permanent flow of love, a circle that represents eternity where there is no start and no end. It is supposed that love moves around endlessly in circles for better or worse. It is a suitable sign for the true sense of wedding. The ring unites the married pair through happy or sad times.
In my experience, the wedding ring is a circle used to symbolize the endlessness of the love of a couple. The ring originally came into use by the Egyptians as a symbol given to a woman who was capable of caring for the home of her husband.
The meaning of a wedding ring is that you would spend the rest of your life with the person that put it on your finger. You would do what you needed in life by your spouses side.
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