What Is the Meaning of Arrivederci?


The word Arrivederci is a word which is used to bid farewell to somebody. It could be used in a sentence to mean goodbye, or good day. This word has an Italian origin, although it is commonly used in English.
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"Arrivederci" is an Italian phrase meaning "Goodbye" or "See you later". ChaCha!
The literal translation of 'Arrivederci' from Italian to English is 'Goodbye.' Ask us anything
Noun 1. arrivederci - a farewell remark; "they said their good-byes" bye-bye, cheerio, good day, good-by, good-bye, goodby, goodbye, sayonara, so long, adieu, adios, au
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until we see each other again; good-bye for the present.
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The term Arrivederci is an Italian phrase that means goodbye. This phrase is mostly used in situations where you probably will not see the other person again. It may be used by shopkeepers to the customers who have spent some time and possibly made purchase in the shop.
Arrivederci is simply Italian for 'goodbye' and is used as a farewell remark. Some other words which are common as farewell remarks are; sayonara-Japanese, auf wiedersehen-German, au revoir- French, so long and adios in Spanish.
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'Ciao' is the mostly used word for goodbye in Italian, which can also be used as a greeting. 'Arrivederci' is also used to mean 'until we meet again'. Italian ...
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