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Boxing Day is a public holiday, which occurs on the 26th of December after Christmas day. It is day set to open Christmas boxes or gifts and sharing it with the poor. In the UK, this holiday was originally referred to as St. Stephens Day when wealthy homeowners normally gave out their gifts to their servants or people from the lower class status.
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The purpose of Boxing Day was traditionally to give gifts, food and clothing to servants, postmen and tradesmen, as well as to the poor, though in modern times it is a public holiday in the UK and a busy after Christmas shopping day.
Boxing Day is known to be a bank and public holiday which commonly occurs every year on 26th December. It is considered in countries such as; the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Ghana, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Greenland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Kenya, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica and countries in the Commonwealth of Nations that have Christians as the majority population.
Boxing Day is the day after Christmas where banks and other public businesses are given the day off with pay. In some countries, it is considered St. Stephens day where the celebrate with a feast.
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Boxing Day is a tradition that started in the UK about 800 years ago. It was a day (the 26th of December) when the collection boxes for the poor, which were kept ...
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