What Is the Meaning of Buoyant Force?


The meaning of buoyant force is it is an upward force that is caused by the pressure of fluids. It opposes the weight of an object that is in the water. This is a term that is commonly used in physics.
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To Float
100g = 0.1kg. 80g = 0.08kg. (0.1 - 0.08) x 9.8 = 0.196N. up. 9.8 = g. Nothing can "weigh" 100 or 80 grams. Grams are mass, and can only be weight when multiplied by g.
Since the cube is floating, the buoyant force must equal the weight of the cube. Weight = 0.200 * 9.8 = 1.96 N. OR. Buoyant force = Density of water * Volume of displaced water *
The object will sink in the fluid.
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buoyant force
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