What Is the Meaning of Buoyant Force?


The meaning of buoyant force is it is an upward force that is caused by the pressure of fluids. It opposes the weight of an object that is in the water. This is a term that is commonly used in physics.
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The upward force exerted by the fluid is known as buoyant force. Buoyant force
the density of the liquid and that of the solid immersed in water and the weight of the solid
Buoyant Force = Density of Fluid * Volume * Gravity. Total Volume = 3.5 + 1.1 = 4.6 m^3. Density of Water = 1000 Kg/m^3. Gravity = 9.8. 4.6 * 1000 * 9.8 = 45080 N. Boiler Up!
Your friend is completely wrong since you can't multiply volume by 9.8 and get force. If you want to use 1030 instead of 1025, that's fine. You have to realize that when you have
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buoyant force
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