What is the meaning of clandestine affair?


A clandestine affair is an extramarital tryst that takes place in secret. The word "clandestine" means "held in secret," so this is an affair that both parties attempt to keep others from discovering. This is the most common form of adultery that takes place, and these affairs often end marriages.

Unhappy marriages are by far the most common inspiration for a clandestine affair. Many people feel that they are stuck in unhappy marriages that feature conflict on a daily basis, and the stress eats away at one's emotional and physical health. While some accept the unhappiness, entering a state of depression without any hope for future change, others turn to an affair in order to bring themselves back to life and experience growth. At times when leaving the marriage is the best path, an affair gives the aggrieved party the courage to leave, and the presence of the affair can lead to higher levels of emotional candor.

Some marriages lack emotional or physical connection. Most people who engage in clandestine affairs do not seek them as an initial solution for the problem, instead trying to work with their partners to bring back the spark that had unified them initially. Affairs often remind people of what they want out of a relationship, giving them the courage to move on. In other situations, the clandestine affair is a sign of sexual addiction or other dysfunction, and the presence of the affair indicates to the faithful spouse that it is time to find someone with a stronger belief in monogamy.

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A clandestine affair is an amorous relationship characterized by, done in, or
I assume you know what an affair means - it usually involves repeated sexual contact. Clandestine means secretive. So a clandestine affair means people getting together for some hanky
"Clandestine" means "secret"
Clandestine means done in secret, so a clandestine love affair would be one hidden from others. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 03:22PM EST. Source:
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