What Is the Meaning of Controlled Variable?


A controlled variable is a variable in an experiment that never changes. It allows the experimenter to have a set point to compare their results to, and to determine if their experiment was a success.
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In most controlled experiments control groups or set ups are used. Both groups are treated exactly the same in every way possible except for variable difference.
In research science, variables refer to factors or conditions that can change during the course of an experiment. For example, in an experiment to see how different conditions affect
This refers to the ability to change the timing of the valves opening and closing depending on speed or load. This is done either to increase power or fuel economy or to decrease
Audio controllers contain converters. These can translate digital signals to analog signals and vice versa. This is necessary when using a computer to capture and playback sound,
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The term controlled variable refers to something that normally remains constant and unchanged in an experiment. This term can also be used to refer to variables that cab be input or keyed in to the control system.
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