What Is the Meaning of Controlled Variable?


A controlled variable is a variable in an experiment that never changes. It allows the experimenter to have a set point to compare their results to, and to determine if their experiment was a success.
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A "controlling variable" in the context of behavior is an immediate environmental variable which has an influence on the behavioral outcome of a human (or other organism
Independent Variable. The variable that the scientist changes during the experiment is the independent variable. Think of the experiment as a "cause and effect" exercise
A control variable is any factor that remains unchanged and strongl...
( kən¦trōld ′ver·ē·ə·bəl ) (control systems) In process automatic-control work, that quantity or condition of a controlled
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The term controlled variable refers to something that normally remains constant and unchanged in an experiment. This term can also be used to refer to variables that cab be input or keyed in to the control system.
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