What Is the Meaning of Data Interpretation?


Data interpretation is the study of scientific measurements and observations to develop evidence for responding to a query. The common tools used for data interpretation are electronic spreadsheets which are capable of sorting, graphing and searching data.
Q&A Related to "What Is the Meaning of Data Interpretation"
Electronic spreadsheets are often used as a tool for data interpretation, according to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. These spreadsheets can sort, graph and search data.
Determining what information about the variable is contained in the bar graph.
DI is about understanding data. Newspapers, scifi books, reports by Mckinsey, BCG etc give high level data. Studying that would help. To practice DI, we have build this - Quotients.
It means that the 'data' (i.e. information or statistics) that is given or quoted, is subject to more than one interpretation, or that sources of the data give varying information
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