What Is the Meaning of Downsizing?


Downsizing means reducing the total number of workforce at a company. This can be carried out by terminations, spinoffs or retirements. This term is also defined simply as a method of reducing the total headcount.
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What Is the Meaning of Downsizing?
Downsizing has become a popular (or is it, unpopular?) topic in recent years. Like many other aspects of the business universe, downsizing has neither totally negative nor positive effects. Your perception usually depends on your role, as employer,... More »
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The function of downsizing, regardless of the purpose, is to reduce the number of employees at a company. While the function is always the same, the purpose and process can take different
son bajando el negocio y descansando poco gente = they are downsizing and laying off some people
Downsizing means the reduction of expenditures in order to become financial stable, or to get bigger profits.
downsizing simply means that the company is cutting labor costs or capital costs, effectivly making the company "smaller" outsourcing is NOT taking your business or parts
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You can make it medieval battering ram by putting one together by means of a weight and pulley assembly. Make sure that you make it downsized. Otherwise, you could ...
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