What Is the Meaning of Dreams Having a Fire House Burning down?


Having dreams about a house burning down may symbolize that your external life is 'going up in flames. A house is always a symbol for oneself. On the other hand, fire can symbolize passion, sexual or extreme emotions, fever, hate, greed, anger and transformation.
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Your house in dreams symbolizes your life. Burning can represent passion or destruction. The image can also combine meanings, so that a dream of your house burning down COULD represent
Your dream is either focused on the house
an unfulfilled wish. Something you always wanted to have but later on you realize that you can't have it.
To see something burning symbolizes powerful feelings of desire or yearning. It represents your morals and ethics that you deem to be revered and blessed.MORE? report this answer.
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Dreaming of your house being on fire may symbolize your external life is 'going up in flames', or a feeling that it is. Look at the dream and determine what causes these feelings, the other symbols associated with the fire. Sometimes these associated symbols appear as other people who may indicate emotions pertaining to that person or aspects that person possesses, that represent your own emotions about yourself or other people.
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