What Is the Meaning of Dynamic Equilibrium?


Within the study of economics, dynamic equilibrium refers to changing quantities of values that grow at the same rate. This means that the ratio of the values remains consistent despite the growth.
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Dynamic equilibrium: when the rates of the forward and reverse reac...
A non-dynamic (static) equlibrium is like two people on a balanced see-saw: they just sit there, and nothing moves. In a dynamic equilibrium, things are moving constantly from one
In a particular time, if the forward and backward reactions of a reversible reactions take place in the same rate, there would be not a visible change (i.e. no net change) in the
The root word. dynam. means. POWER.
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Dynamic equilibrium refers to a reversible reaction equilibrium in which the forward rate reaction and reverse rate reactions are equal. In this reaction, individual molecules react incessantly and therefore there is no net change.
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