What Is the Meaning of Ethical Implications?


Ethical implications refers to the assumed consequences of an ethical (moral) action. For example, if a country were to suddenly donate billions of dollars to another third-world country, it would have ethical implications.
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Sometimes people say, if psychology where a true science, then their would be no more crime in the world. On the other hand, anywhere from the place you shop, to the F.B.I. uses it,
Being ethical in accounting means that you keep the business's financial information correct to the best of your ability, that you don't falsify records and you don't move funds around
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Implications:1:a meaning that is not expressly stated but can be inferred;
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Ethical implications refer to the morality implied or suggested by something. Ethical refers to pertaining to morals or principles of morality while implications refer to something suggested as naturally understood. It could be seen as a negative view of a group or something.
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