What Is the Meaning of Extrinsic Motivation?


The term extrinsic motivation refers to the motivation that comes from the outside of an individual for a person to perform a task. This motivation is made possible by external factors such as grades or money as rewards.
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Extrinsic motivation seeks to motivate students to achieve better grades and higher performance through external rewards or punishments. Extrinsic motivation typically has more immediate
The desire or push to perform a certain behavior based on the potential external
Intrinsic comes from within. Extrinsic comes from without. If you happen to like the subject, your motivation will come from your interest. If you do not like it, but your father
Here are definitions, one can find similarities just by reading them. Intrinsic Motivation: "The motivation or desire to do something based on the enjoyment of the behavior itself
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What Is the Meaning of Extrinsic Motivation?
Extrinsic motivation is a strategy used by educator for motivating students to achieve. This model of motivation is becoming less widely accepted in schools in favor of intrinsic motivation methods.... More »
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