What Is the Meaning of Ezine?


Ezine is an on-line magazine that shares some of its features with a blog and with the online newspaper. It is easy to distinguish it from others by its approach to editorial control. This magazine is web-based only.
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a magazine or newsletter published in electronic form, especially on a website.
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An ezine is an online magazine that shares some features with online news papers. They get a lot of their contents from different parts of the world and the editor's correct the articles and pay royalties to those whose articles are posted.
An ezine is an electronic magazine. They are usually published on websites, however, some are delivered as email newsletters. Ezines vary significantly in scope and size, from daily journals reaching hundreds of thousands of subscribers to irregular newsletters reaching a handful of subscribers. Some ezines are strictly non-profit.
The term ezine is used to refer to an online magazine that shares some features with a blog and also with online newspapers. It ca be however differentiated through its approach to editorial control. These magazines are distributed through e-mails or any other electronic methods.
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A web site or email in the style of a magazine.
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An e-zine is short for electronic magazine. Apparently the link you were on only accepts entire e-zines and not individual articles. There might be other links somewheres on the web
The term 'Double Opt-in' refers to the process of how someone subscribes to your list. When your ezine subscription is set up to be double opt-in, it means the subscriber is taking
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