What Is the Meaning of Forgetting Something in a Dream?


Forgetting something in a dream could mean that you are anxious about something and it shows an overpowering amount of stress in your life. It could also signify your unconscious desire to leave that thing behind. In addition, it could be a way of your unconscious telling you that you have forgotten an appointment or a date.
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In Biblical days, people believed that God communicated with them through dreams. Warnings and messages were given through the dream state. Even centuries ago people realized the
Impossible. It's not how your brain works. The harder you think about forgetting something, the better you remember it. If your brain finds it unimportant you forget, if it is not
Probably means you shouldnt do it
sex or fertility or both at the same time.
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To dream that you are forgetting things, signifies life's anxieties, the overwhelming stress in your life and your responsibility to tend to everything and everyone's needs.
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