What Is the Meaning of Guidance?


Guidance refers to the advice that an individual is given in the solution of a problem. It may also refer to the giving of direction that is aimed at getting something to a particular target.
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the act or function of guiding; leadership; direction.
advice or counseling, especially that provided for students choosing a course of study or preparing for a vocation.
supervised care or assistance, especially therapeutic help in the treatment of minor emotional disturbances.
something that guides.
the process by which the flight of a missile or rocket may be altered in speed and direction in response to controls situated either wholly in the projectile or partly at a base.
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The meaning of guidance, means to offer direction for a person or thing. For example, if you have never wrote a research paper before, you would ask Ask.com, for guidance on how to do this.
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The meaning of guidance is the act of showing someone or something how to do something. When you're guiding someone you're taking them through a process step by step to help them
Children and Students. The most common reference to individual guidance is in reference to children or students. This is ideally the role of guidance, educational or career counselors
It is a path finding activity motivated by our well-wishers/ specialist , for our success in that area.
divine guidance: (theology) a special influence of a divinity on the minds of human beings
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