What is the meaning of "hevenu shalom aleichem"?


"Hevenu shalom aleichem" literally means "we bring peace unto you." These words are the basis of a popular Hebrew folk song that is often sung at Jewish celebrations and events. The lyricist and composer are unknown.

The well-known Hebrew folk song "Hevenu Shalom Aleichem" is made up entirely of this phrase that is repeated over and again. The song starts moderately fast, slows in tempo and progresses to a quick, energetic finish. The phrase of the song is based on a Shabbat hymn that wishes peace to the "ministering angels" and the "peace angels." The hymn is usually sung before the Shabbat meal.

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"Hevenu shalom aleichem" We brought peace upon you. no more no less. See for yourself. http://www.hebrewsongs.com/?songID=437. "Shalom uvracha" Peace and blessing.No
Hebrew to English translation of the phrase
"We brought peace unto you.
Shalom means peace, but not merely the absence of war-- shalom means a deep sort of peace in which everything is right and good. It's a Hebrew word from the Old Testament.
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