What Is the Meaning of Homecoming Queen?


A homecoming queen is a phrase used to describe a young lady who has been chosen by her peers to reign over traditional activities associated with a football game. This is especially used in colleges and high schools.
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1. Begin planning for the crown before you can earn it. The more people you know, the better chance you have of winning the election for homecoming queen, but realize that people
1 Be really nice to everyone. Homecoming queens are voted by their peers, so if everyone likes you, you have a good chance of being chosen. That means being nice , not fake . If you're
Is a person hopefully a girl that is voted better than,nicer than, and most helpful out of all the elective persons.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homecoming. Its an Amercian tradition, don't think we have them in the UK, we never had proms or yearbooks when I was at school, apart from an old school
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In order to be nominated for Homecoming Queen you will need to be one of the popular girls at your school. By getting all of your friends to vote for you, you ...
To run for homecoming queen, one should be elected by the student body. Start campaign as early as nomination has been announced. Ask your friends to nominate ...
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