What Is the Meaning of Hospitality Industry?


Hospitality is the business relationship transmission between the visitor, guest, customer, and host. This includes private dinner parties, hotel chains, restaurants, and casinos. This also includes places like Disneyland. This industry makes billions each year from disposable income.
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The hospitality industry relates businesses that provide lodging and accommodations to people. Examples includes hotels, motels, inns, or resorts.
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the official symbol of hospitality idustry is pineapple......it is used to welcome guest and give special
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The hospitality industry is service oriented, and is closely related to the tourism industry. Some of business establishments under its umbrella are travel and tours, hotels and restaurants, massage parlors and spas, music lounges and bars, nightclubs, theme parks, and more.
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The hospitality industry is an industry sector that consists of a wide selection of fields within the service industry. It includes; restaurants, lodging, event ...
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the hospitality industry is part of the larger service-providing industry and is divided into two sectors: food and ...
Hospitality is a service industry that consists of hotels, resorts and casinos, as part of a business relationship they provide comfort and guidance to strangers ...
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