What is the meaning of "ICT"?


"ICT," an abbreviation for information and communication technology, refers to all equipment, applications and services that involve communication. Computers, cellphones, televisions, radios and satellite systems are all part of ICT.

The ever-changing field of technology has made the world a smaller place, as information is easily and rapidly exchanged through devices of telecommunication. The Internet has proved a huge advancement in the ICT community. Videoconferencing and distance learning allow people thousands of miles apart to speak together as if they were in the same room. ICT involves more than just sharing of information, however. It also includes the quest to improve communication throughout the world, especially to more underserved areas of the globe.

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information and communication technology.
Previously IT Governance has been about maintaining compliance, deploying IT staff, managing and controlling IT services or deciding on how IT money should be spent. Today it's more
Information Communication Technology :
ICT usually stands for Information & Communications Technology. Can also mean Institute of Chemical Technology or Intelligent Collaboration Transparency
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