What is the meaning of industrial relations?


The term "Industrial relations" refers to all the relationships between the different stakeholders in an organization, such as employees, management and trade unions. The purpose of this is to make sure that all needs are met and everyone involved can move forward amicably.

Industrial relations are an important part of every organization, particularly those that have workers who are represented by trade unions. Every company needs employees, who in turn need to be compensated for their efforts. Industrial relations help to sort out the differences between employees, management and trade unions so that a compromise can be reached wherein each party is satisfied with the working arrangements.

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Industrial relations is the study or practices and also theories in the workplace relationship. This study is great to take up in school.
It is a complaint that a worker or employee has against a company practice or against a decision by management that adversely affects the employee. It is also possible for management
Industrial relations describes the complex (and sometimes fragile) relationship between industry management and their employees. This term is similar to public relations, but refers
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What Is the Meaning of Industrial Relations?
Industrial relations examines the relationship between labor (employees) and management (the employer), as well as the governments, institutions, and organizations that directly or indirectly regulate the industrial relations system.... More »
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