What Is the Meaning of Moral Dilemma?


Dilemma is a situation that requires a choice between two equal alternatives. A moral is a lesson that is learnt from something. A moral dilemma can therefore be defined as a situation that will often involve an apparent mental conflict in which each in possible course of action will breach some binding moral principle.
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A moral or ethical dilemma, which is also known as an ethical paradox, is a situation that often involves a mental conflict between two or more moral imperatives, in which to undertake one would lead to transgressing the other. Moral dilemma is also a punk rock band that has written songs such as nowhere else to go and the bastard sons among others.
A moral dilemma is when one is put in a conflicting situation where they must choose one of two things, but either thing would be wrong to do when taking on its own complex situation that will often involve an apparent mental conflict between moral imperatives, in which to obey one would result in transgressing another.
Moral dilemma refers to a situation where one is morally obliged to perform a certain action and at the same time not to perform it. It's a situation that requires a choice between equally undesirable alternatives which therefore creates a perplexing situation.
A moral dilemma is a choice that you have to make based on morals. Almost all religions have issues or commands which could cause ethical and moral dilemmas for people.
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