What Is the Meaning of Parametric?


The word parametric simply means "Related to or defined by parameters". The term parametric is often used when talking about scientific subjects like the parametric equation, which is used to define a relation in mathematics, or the parametric derivative in calculus.
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Statistics. a variable entering into the mathematical form of any distribution such that the possible values of the variable correspond to different distributions.
Computers. a variable that must be given a specific value during the execution of a program or of a procedure within a program.
limits or boundaries; guidelines: the basic parameters of our foreign policy.
characteristic or factor; aspect; element: a useful parameter for judging long-term success.
Source: Dictionary.com
Parametric refers to that which relates to parameters affecting a variable or that which is expressed in particular parameters. This term is normally used in relation to the statistics that have been computed through procedures with the assumption that the data was drawn from a particular distribution.
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