What Is the Meaning of Personal Values?


Personal values are the views and ideals which an individual chooses to uphold, and they determine how that individual lives their life. These values will determine and influence what actions a person chooses to take. Examples of personal values are acceptance, generosity, respect, commitment, and pursuit of excellence.
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A personal value statement is written by an individual to express their personal values and beliefs. It is often given to prospective employers, attached to a resume. It summarizes
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Personal values are implicitly related to choice; they guide decisions by allowing for
Personal values are things that you believe in, and they are important to you. for example, if you are a veryy family orientated person then one of personal values is family. If you
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Personal values are traits or concept that describes the beliefs of an individual. Personal values are subjective and vary from one person to another. It also evolves from circumstance to circumstance and changes over time.
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