What Is the Meaning of Physical Health?


Physical health is an essential part of someone's overall health which includes everything ranging from physical fitness to overall wellness. Health is a state of a complete well-being thus physical health makes an individual mechanically fit to carry out his daily activities without any problem.
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Physical health means a motion health.
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Answer What does health mean? health means healthy eating health means when you exercise then you wont get puffed out eaily!
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Physical health is the overall condition of a living organism at a given time, the soundness of the body, freedom from diseases or abnormality and the condition of optimal well being. People want to function as designed but environmental forces can attack the body or the person may have genetic malfunctions.
Physical health is how your body is treated and what condition it is in. Important aspects of maintaining physical health is a beneficial diet and exercise.
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The term "throes" means the state of feeling aggressive physical pain or convulsions or physically overwhelming emotion. Figuratively, "throes" ...
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