What Is the Meaning of Pros and Cons?


Pros and cons is a term used to mean advantages and disadvantages of something or a scenario. It is highly used in comparison when trying to look at two products or two scenarios and are faced with a choice between them and hence you look at the good side of both and the bad side.
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The phrase "pros and cons" means "advantages and disadvantages". It derives from the Latin prefixes "pro-", meaning on behalf of or for, and contra-, meaning against. "Pro and con" first appeared around the year 1400.
The meaning of pros and cons is the advantages and disadvantages of something. In Latin, pro is a full word, and is also used as a prefix, meaning for or forward. But con is the English shortened form of the Latin word contra, meaning against, or opposed to.
The meaning of pros and cons refers to the advantages or disadvantages of something. Positive attributes would be considered pros, while negative attributes or aspects would be considered cons.
The meaning of pros and cons is explained as pros being the plus side of a decision and cons as the negative side. When faced with a decision, it can be helpful to list on paper the pros and cons and see which one outweighs the other.
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