What Is the Meaning of Rhyme or Reason?


The phrase 'rhyme or reason' is talking about the cause or pattern that something has happened. To a certain extent, it is an idiom, which means it should not be taken literally, because it will not actually rhyme. Most often someone says that there is no rhyme or reason, so this would mean that an action appears to be senseless, random or not understandable.
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A logical fallacy is any form of incorrect or faulty reasoning. These fallacies are often committed during the course of an argument or debate when one person is trying to convince
An absence of common sense or reasonableness. Source(s) http://www.answers.com/topic/rhyme-or-re….
The word "wound" has more than one definition, and can be pronounced differently. So, wound, meaning a cut or abrasion on your body, rhymes with mooned or swooned. But wound
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