What Is the Meaning of Social Health?


Social health refers to the physical, mental and social well being of the people in a particular society or setting. This term can also be defined as the act of getting along well with people in the society.
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Social Health is how we interact with people especially those we don't like.
1 Be a good friend. Friends are an important part of our lives. Bonds with friends are reliable and trustworthy. A friend is someone to everyone, a friend listens to you, they know
All big names (like GE, Cerner, Philips, McKesson, EPIC..) have facebook pages and twitter accounts. But I wouldn't call that strategic, since it's a marketing necessity these days.
The term Socialized Medicine is used to describe a system of publicly
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Social Health
The word "health" derives from Middle English helthe , meaning hale, hearty, sound in wind and limb. Dictionary definitions allude to soundness and efficient functioning and give the same meaning to financial health as to bodily health. Modern More »
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Social health refers to the relationships you have in your life with family and friends, and the kinds of support that you receive from them.
As the name itself suggests, social health is all about the impact that the way a person socializes with his surrounding has on his health. For instance his relationship with his family members and friends has an important bearing on his physical, spiritual and emotional health and in turn determines his social health.
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