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Tawhid, also Tauheed or Tawheed, is the concept of monotheism in Islam. It holds God is one and Unique. Basically, Tawhid is the belief of oneness of God and that he has no any other partner.
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The term Tawheed is used in reference to Allaah in Holy Koran i.e. Tawheedullaah. It means the realizing and maintaining of Allaah's unity in all of man's actions which directly or
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Tawheed is the most important Islamic belief. It implies that everything in existence originates from the one and only Creator, who is also the Sustainer and the sole Source of Guidance. This belief should govern all aspects of human life. Recognition of this fundamental truth results in a unified view of existence which rejects any divisions of life into religious and secular.
Tawhid, also known as oneness of God, refers to the act of believing and affirming that God is one and above Him there is no other. It is the Islamic conception of monotheism. It constitutes the principal article of the Muslim profession.
Tawhid is the notion of monotheism or belief in one Supreme Being in Islam. It holds that Allah; the Arabic name for God, is one and unique. This concept is depicted several times in the Holy Quran and all Muslims are expected to believe in the oneness of Allah.
Tawhid means to single out Allah with all forms of worship so that one makes all his worship to Allah alone. This word is derived from the word ‘wah-hada’ which means ‘to make something singular’. This word is used in Islam.
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