Meanings of Islamic Symbols?


Islam symbol is a sign of an identification to Islam, or it expresses a particular tradition within Islam. These symbols are used to evoke feelings as well, or to stand for some Islamic beliefs and ideas. Some of the symbols such as a crescent moon symbolically represent Muslims in the sense that every Muslim month always start with a sighting of a new moon.
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There are no official Islamic symbols, but the star and crescent is a symbol used to represent Islam.
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Islamic symbols are non-textual and non-verbal, visual symbols that have been used or are used to express identification with Islam or a particular tradition within Islam. There is no one symbol of Islam, but there are many which signify a person's beliefs and ideas. Most sources agree that these ancient celestial symbols were in use by the peoples of Central Asia and Siberia in their worship of sun, moon, and sky gods.
The five-pointed star symbol in Islam is said to represent the five pillars of Islam. The pillars are; Saum, Zakat, Salah, Shahadah and Hajj. Islamic religion is mainly found in the Middle East, Asia, and the north of Africa.
The crescent moon and star is an internationally-recognized symbol of the faith of Islam. The crescent is used in the tradition to sight the moon with the naked eye marking the beginning of the Muslim month of Ramadan. It is also used for the Islamic calendar which is based on the lunar cycle.
The Crescent and Star Islamic symbols are polytheistic icons that basically signify the spread of Islam. In Islam, the green colour is very symbolic as it was Muhammad's favourite colour as well as a representation of vegetation and life.
There are no official Islamic symbols, but several symbols or images have a special place in Islam the most common one being the star and crescent best-known symbol used to represent Islam. For more Islamic symbols and their meaning visit the following link.
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