What Is the Meaning of the Middle Finger?


The meaning behind holding up your middle finger toward someone is to express a rude dismissal. It is a lewd, derogatory gesture.
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The "middle finger" refers to a disrespectful term such as the f-word, c-word, s-word.and so on. If someone has shown you his or her middle finger, then kick them in the
The meaning of the gesture of giving the middle finger is a vulgar
1. Rest your finger as much as possible the first few days after the onset of arthritis symptoms. Wear a finger splint or brace to limit movement. 2. Take two to four ibuprofen pills
This gesture was known as the "digitus impudicus," meaning "unclean finger" or "impudent finger," in ancient Rome, and has been used in much the same
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middle finger
the finger between the forefinger and the third finger.
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The thumb finger means that logic and will power thinking; the Index finger means authority and ambition; the middle finger means emotion, heart and creativity ...
The only way to send a text of a middle finger is to either take a picture of you doing this and send it or spend a lot of time doing ASCII art to get the image ...
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