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Amir is mainly used as a baby boy's name and the meaning of this name is simply 'prince' or 'treetop'. It is pronounced as a-MEER and it is considered to be of both Arabic and Hebrew origin.
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The name Amir means 'treetop'. The name is of Hebrew and Arabic origin and also Persian origin, where it means 'king'. The name is generally used as a boy's name and its variant spellings include Ameer, Amirah and Emir.
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the name means prince
amir: an independent ruler or chieftain (especially in Africa or Arabia)
AMIR stands for Arabic Music Internet Reference. ChaCha!
Meaning an independent ruler or chieftain (especially in Africa or Arabia) Synonym(s) ameer (what does ameer mean?) emeer (what does emeer mean?) emir (what does emir mean?) Hypernyms
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Amir is a name that has both Hebrew origins where it means 'Treetop'' ''sheaf' and in Arabic origin where it means 'Prince'', ''ruler; ''prosperous'. The name ...
It means Prince ...
Indian actor and music artist Amir Kahn has approximately 43 film credits to his name. He began his acting and singing career at a very young age and in the 1970s ...
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