What is the meaning of the name "Apollo"?


Apollo is a name derived from Greek, and it means 'destroyer'. According to historians, Apollo was a Roman god of light, music and poetry. The name is masculine and has three variants: Apollon, Apollos and Apolo.
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The name Apollo means Destroyer.
The name of the Apollo 13 astronauts are Jim Lovell, Fred Haise and jack swigert.
The plaque says 1969 A.D. It means 1969 years after the death of Jesus Christ.
There was not a LM ,but the CM/SM was Columbia (not to be confused with Apollo 11 CM/SM)
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The name Apollo is of Greek origin and means 'destroyer'. It is commonly used as a boy's name and the most common variant spelling of this name is Acacia. Apollo has no known nicknames and it sounds like Abel, Abele, and Abielle.
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