What Does the Name Beverly Mean?


The name Beverly is of English origin meaning 'Near the Meadow of the Beavers'. It is often used as a girl's name and it is a variant spelling of Beverley. The shortened form of Beverly is Bev.
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Beaver stream or meadow. Refers to a place, which was used originally as a surname.
The meaning of bever is "a napped wool fabric, similar to felt, used for outer garments."
beverly hills: a city in southwestern California surrounded by Los Angeles
Meaning a city in southwestern California surrounded by Los Angeles home of many Hollywood actors Hypernyms(s) Beverly Hills is a kind of… Example: animal is a hypernym of
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The name Beverly means 'beaver stream or meadow'. This name is of Old English origin and it is pronounced as BEV-er-lee. Beverly is a variant of the name Bev, Bevalee, Beverle, Beverlee, Beverley and Beverlie. It is a very common first name for women.
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