What Does the Name Caleb Mean?


Caleb is a name that comes from Hebrew and the meaning of it is whole hearted. The name is made of Hebrews words Col which means whole and Lev is stands for heart. Caleb is also spelled as Kaleb or Kalib.
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First Names: Caleb
1. Hebrew: Faithful; dog; bold
2. African: Old Testament Cain
Source: baby-names.familyeducation.com
Caleb is a boy's name that means faith, devotion or whole hearted. It has its origin from the Hebrew language. In the bible, Caleb was a companion of Moses and Joshua, noted for his astute powers of observation.
Caleb is a boy's name and is pronounced KAY-leb. It is of Hebrew origin and the meaning of Caleb is faith, devotion, or whole hearted. Biblically, the name symbolizes devotion to God and this level of devotion is represented by the “dog” in some traditions.
Caleb is a male given name. Caleb is of Hebrew origin, meaning faith, devotion and whole hearted. The name Caleb also means bold, brave in Arabic and dog in English.
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