What Is the Meaning of the Name Calista?


The name Calista means 'cup, fairest or most beautiful' and is native to Latin and Greek. It is generally used as a female's name and it is pronounced as Ca-lis-ta. This name is associated with the Latin name Calixta which refers to the cup containing the wine while in Greek it is linked to Kallista which means most beautiful.
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Beautiful my best friends name is calista so it also means a great friend forever.
'Calista' Means: Most Beautiful. ChaCha on!
My best friend is Calista so it must mean great friend
Calista is a name that means 'beautiful'. Rose means 'Of the Rose B...
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Calista has no documented meaning in the English dictionary. However, it is used as a girl's name and its meaning is most beautiful or cup; fairest. This name ...
The name Calista is of a Latin origin where it means 'most beautiful'. The name is generally used as a girl's name and it is pronounced Ca-lis-ta. It has one ...
The meaning of the name Kally is 'most beautiful', 'fairest', and also 'lovely'. This name is a variant of Kallista, Calista and Callie as well as Kallie. This ...
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