What Does the Name Chad Mean?


Chad is a name of Old English origin and it essentially means 'battle warrior'. The name is given to boys. However, there are no listed nicknames for the name but the name's earlier form was Ceadda.
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The meaning of the name Chad is 'Protector' or 'Defender' and it is believed to be of English origin. The name Chad is common among the male and it is used mostly among the English speaking countries.
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the name chad means battle or fight.
The blue portion of the flag of Chad is located adjacent to the hoist edge of the flag. The color symbolizes the blue skies and clear waters of the country and is a symbolic color
Chad:1:a small piece of paper that is supposed to be removed when a hole is punched
1. a small piece of paper that is supposed to be removed when a hole is punched in a card or paper tape 2. a lake in north central Africa; fed by the Shari river 3. a landlocked desert
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The name Chad is of English origin and it means battle warrior. In 2010 it ranked 547 out of the top 1000 most popular U.S. boy's names. This name is generally ...
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