What Is the Meaning of the Name Claudette?


The name Claudette means lame or disabled. It is a girl's name of Latin origin. A variant form of the name Claude, Claudette is used in the German, English and French languages.
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Claudette is a girl's name of Latin origin and it means 'Disabled'. It's a form of Claude and falls into the French category of names. It's mostly used in English speaking countries. Similar names to Claudette include Claudia, Colette and Calista.
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Answer I recently found this web site that calculates your name meaning by mathematics...according to them, Claudette is: Although the name Claudette creates an active mind and a
The name Claude originated as an French name. It is from the Roman clan name
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The name Claudette is of French origin. It is a girl's name which means 'lame'. Similar names are Claudetta, Cadette, Clarette, Claudee and Clayrette. It is a ...
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