What is the meaning of the name Corey?


The name Corey has multiple possible meanings and origins. In Gaelic, Corey means "a dweller in or near a hollow" and comes from the word "coire," which is a cauldron, or hollow. In German and English, it means "God's peace." In this case it may have come from the German name "Godfrey." It may also be associated with the Norse name Kori, the origin and meaning of which is unknown. Corey can be used for both boys and girls.
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The boy's and girl's name Corey is of English, Irish and Gaelic origin, and means
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Origin: Germanic. Meaning: God's peace. Origin: Gaelic. Meaning: Dweller in or near a hollow; spear. Origin: English. Meaning: God's peace. Derived from the Irish surname of debated
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