What Is the Meaning of the Name Dallan?


Dallan is an English name, which means 'blind' in Irish. It is a male first name that is also spelled as Dalan or Dallen. Dallan, which can be shortened to Dal, is not a common name.
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Definition not found. Did you mean: dalian, dallas ?
I cannot find a match for Dallan. The name Dillion
In English, the name Dallan means "valley". In Irish it means "blind". I hope you
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The name Dallan is boy's name of Irish origin. The name means 'blind' or 'from the place of Dalla's people' and it is pronounced as DAL-en. The name has six variants ...
The name Dallin is of Old English origin. It is a boy's name which means 'from the valley'. Its variant forms are Dallan, Dallon and Dallen. It sounds like Daylin ...
The middle name of Anders Celsius is Dallan. Anders Dallan Celsius was a Swedish astronomer. Celsius, one of the units for temperature, was named after him. ...
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